Seametrix trial
    We are proud to introduce you to Seametrix® a product of hard work and dedication! Upon registration, we are offering you this free trial evaluation version, in order to explore the completeness of our routing
    • 5 sea distances per day
    • 30,000 ports & terminals
    • SECA mileage counting
    • Piracy avoidance customisation
    • Great-circle vs Rhumbline
    • Fully customisable routing
    • SECA avoidance (0%-100%)
    • Daily updated Bunker prices
    Register to download Seametrix & instantly receive your credentials!
    Seametrix® is a sea routing tool of high precision, made for professionals. It contains all the features of the trial version, plus the ones listed below, such as voyage estimation, marine weather modules etc.
    • 99 sea distances per day
    • Voyage Estimation module
    • Export routing to Estimation
    • Data module for saving your info
    • Real-time Energy commodities
    • Global marine weather map (3d)
    • Area Map forecasts (10d)
    • Faster routing response
    €144 /yr
    Seametrix offers a complete sea routing and nautical distances API solution, destined for software vendors and in-house company use. Our services, are very easy & quick to intergrate, offered as a Rest API, using JSON format.
    • Largest ports-terminals database
    • Greatcirlce & Rhumbline navigation
    • SECA avoidance
    • Piracy Avoidance
    • 16 On/Off passages
    • ASL Compliance
    • Independent routing at a single call
    • We can do any customisations!
    Starting from as low as €600
  • To purchase Seametrix, log into your account, and click on the “Buy Seametrix” tab on top of the page.
  • We accept payments with: bank transfers, VISA, MasterCard, Paypal, Maestro, Diners, JCB, and Discover.
  • Prices are subject to VAT, if purchasing as an EU-based individual. EU companies, and non-EU companies and/or individuals, are not being charged with any VAT.
  • For API requests, pricing and information, please contact us. To read more on our API, click here
  • Seametrix can provide tailor made solutions for corporate and Enterprise use; contact us for more details.