Seametrix API services are offered on a subscription and on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. Contact us for pricing.

We are confident in the quality of our API services and guarantee for the highest accuracy of our sea-routes!

For business use and in-house applications

We provide our port distance & sea routing API to shipping and logistics companies with in-house systems for internal business use.

For software companies and third-party usage

Our sea distance API can easily be integrated into any software, and be used on a multi-site basis with 3rd party usage re-distribution rights.

Sea distances API by Seametrix

Easy and very quick to integrate API

Seametrix routing is provided as a Rest API service, using JSON format for the returned values. It is very easy and quick to integrate, and we provide full support for helping you to implement it.

Waypoints and Routing line string

Seametrix API, other than the port distances, returns the full path of the sea route along with the involved waypoints and the relevant line string, for visualising the whole voyage on the map.

Seametrix html map and marine layers

We’re offering our API clients the option to use our map plus all the marine weather layers Seametrix offers, such as: JWLA 022, HRA, VRA, INL, Load Line zones, SECA areas, Alaska COTP & Nordic plan.

Vast ports & routing points database

Our smart Get-ports service accompanying Seametrix API, offers you by far the most complete database of sea/inland ports and routing points to choose from! All ports are also searchable wth their UN/LOCODE.

Returning SECA distances separately

If the sea routing contains a SECA leg, our API, other than the total distance of the voyage, separately returns the traveled mileage within a SECA area. This is essential info for voyage Estimations.

Choose between ports or co-ords

All other API providers just offer port distances. Seametrix allows you to choose ports or any co-ords you wish your route to go through. We consider this as a vital parameterization for fully custom routes.

Activate/Deactivate Canals transit

Seametrix API allows you to choose whether to enable or disable passage through any of the 16 most important key Canals and Straits that our sea routing network supports.

Piracy Area avoidance customisation

Our API is giving the end-user the option to choose between 5 Piracy Avoidance areas or, alternatively, to calculate the shortest route without taking into account the piracy areas at all.

Navigation method customisation

Seametrix API is the only sea distances API offering correct and highly accurate Rhumbline and Great-Circle sea distance results. Our API allows you to choose between either navigational method.

ECA Areas Avoidance (0%-100%)

Seametrix other than returning the traveled mileage within ECA areas as a separate result, offers the option to customise the desired ECA avoidance, from 0% to 100%, so that the optimal route is planed.

Archipelagic Sea Lanes Compliance

Seametrix offers the option to follow or to not-follow the Indonesian Archipelagic Sea Lanes (ASL) routing, by using the desired AslCompliance parameter in the API call. This option can be set from 0% to 100%.

Independent Routing at a single API call

Our sophisticated algorithms, at a single API call, offer you the option to request routing from/to different points/ports, with different routing parameters for each set of the requested sea routes.

Contact us for API testing and pricing information

Feel free to reach out to us for API enquiries, pricing information and any other clarifications you may require. We’ll be more than glad to assist you or your ITs! 

  • Starting from as low as € 600! Contact us for pricing.
  • Our API is charged per distance requests, not per users.
  • Request to try our Demo before purchasing our API services.
  • Integrate into your in-house system, ERP or software.
  • Vast sea routes network, with infinite distance combinations.
  • Option to use our featured maps with many marine layers.

Sea routes api specifications

The service is provided as a REST API service, using JSON format for the returned values. Seametrix API consists of two main services:

The Get-Ports Service: Provides the means for searching and finding any sea port or terminal from within Seametrix’s database. 

The Get-Routes Service: Provides the means for getting a route between up to 16 points at sea (with a single call). Typically the points are usually ports, but the routing engine can also calculate sea routes and sea distances from any given coordinate inserted. The method will return all the route details including total distance, SECA distance, and a detailed path which may be drawn on any map.

The user may define a set of parameters for the nautical distance calculation, so as to provide the routing engine with custom requirements and get the best sea distance results. The allowed routing customisations, include:

  • Routing between any ports or any coordinates
  • Rhumbline navigation sea distance calculation
  • Great-Circle navigation sea distance calculation
  • Choose between 5 Piracy Avoidance areas or N/A
  • Choose to activate/deactivate passing through Canals
  • Choose SECA avoidance from 0% to 100%
  • Find optimal port and itinerary sequence
  • Seametrix API services are offered at very competitive prices, starting from as low as €1,500 per year or €600/2yrs for the pay-as-you-go plans.
  • Our developing team can build tailor-made custom solutions based on your needs.
  • Our experienced ITs, offer you full technical support.
  • Seametrix API offers as an extra feature web map services, with all the marine layers of Seametrix application.
  • For heavy usage we, by default, use dedicated servers.
  • All services are offered with a robust fail-over and load balancing technology, for maximum uptimes.