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The strength of our navigational route network, lies in its thoroughness and distance accuracy. Seametrix uses the most sophisticated calculating algorithms, running on cutting-edge servers, and provides by far the most accurate sea distance results when it comes to nautical distances between ports!
Another unique feature of Seametrix is that it is the only software that offers actual, and highly accurate Rhumbline and Great-Circle real-world results, made possible by using different servers, algorithms and data sets for calculating each navigational method’s routing.
We have spent countless hours on this feature alone, since this very complex programming barrier has resulted in people continuously being mislead and therefore losing money!
Additionally, the Great-Circle navigational option allows you to choose your desired course change intervals, and for even more accuracy, it cleverly uses Rhumbline navigational method in closed seas, and Great-Circle only on open seas and oceans where Great-Circle navigation is actually applied!

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Our Marine Officers’ team have used highly sophisticated tools to ensure that our routing reflects real-world navigation as closely as possible. Navigational charts, depths, traffic schemes and separations, navigational restrictions, NASA satellite ship statistical routes and many more factors have all been taken into consideration in order to offer the shipping industry a sea routing masterpiece!
We successfully overcame complicated issues by introducing methods such as automatically including/excluding shallow depth areas in/from our routing, depending on the involved ports.
Seametrix is made in such a way that needs minimum user interaction; e.g routing through certain areas or traffic schemes with bi-directional lanes (like Dover), is intentionally altered so as to present correct distance results without troubling our users with unnecessary options such as choosing northbound/southbound, left/right, include/exclude etc. In any case though, our user always has the overriding option to make his route go from/to/through anywhere, by just one click.

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Our database includes more than 30,000 ports & terminals! Innumerable working hours have been spent on this particular feature alone. Since we understand that very often users cannot know where some less well-known ports are located, we did our best to ensure that no ports would be missing.
Other than seaports, we have included cargo/oil terminals, FPSO/FSOs, Gas/Oil fields, routing points, places of interest, river ports (even hardly navigable ones), small islands, many leisure/fishing ports and everything we thought could possibly be useful to our users. We enriched our database with alternative names for many ports, and names of terminals that constitute bigger ports.
Nevertheless, if you wish to recommend that we include additional port names, you are most welcome to make a relevant request and, after confirming and cross-checking the requirement, we will gladly do so as soon as possible!