A state-of-the-art sea distance calculation, and voyage estimation software

what we do best

Over 30,000 ports & terminals

Seametrix is the only sea distances software that serves over 30,000 sea and river ports & terminals worldwide. No other sea distance calculator covers such a broad and detailed sea network so accurately!

Detailed sea routing network

We created the most analytical & thorough sea-routing network to date, and we serve it brilliantly! It is based on many years of data analysis from navigational charts & NASA satellite ship-tracking statistics.

Fast & clever algorithms

Our sea routing software’s algorithms have been developed by very experienced and specialised I.T professionals. They are fast & they cleverly exclude certain areas based on draft and other navigational restrictions.

Fully customisable routing

By inserting any co-ordinate or just clicking on any point on the map, you can customise your itinerary as you wish! Start/end your voyage, or pass by any waypoint you want your vessel to head through.

Great Circle VS Rhumbline

Seametrix is the only port distance calculator that offers correct and real-world Rhumbline & Great-Circle results. Each navigation method is calculated by a different server, with different data sets and algorithms!

Easy & modern User interface

Seametrix has a very modern and user-friendly interface, designed to offer a pleasant and easy to work environment. Finding and accessing any setting or information has become as easy as it gets!

Over 1,000 routing points

Our sea network contains over 1,000 routing points! Combined with the option to make any waypoint function as routing point on the fly, your route can literally be 100% tailor-made as your itinerary requires!

Voyage estimation module

Seametrix offers a handy and easy to work on voyage estimation module, that smartly combines simplicity & practicality. Your itinerary and routing can be fully customised, for highly accurate freight estimates!

Marine weather forecasts

Seametrix offers a customised marine weather forecast module, with both global and local coverage, without any viewing limitations. Several marine weather parameters are scheduled to be integrated in the near future.