SEAMETRIX Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have compiled some FAQ. If your question is not listed below, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!


Simply fill in very few basic details of yours in our registration page, and that is all to it! Right after you register and verify your email, you will receive a follow up email with download instructions and log-in credentials for logging into Seametrix, and accessing Seametrix trial version.

The logic behind Seametrix trial, is to give you the chance to explore the unparalleled quality of Seametrix sea distances and the sea routing, which is the main and core function of Seametrix. You can calculate up to 5 distance pairs per day and also have access to our Bunker Prices module with daily updated prices for more than 100 ports worldwide and real-time energy commodity prices. For point to point comparison of all Seametrix versions, please see our pricing page.

The Seametrix® standard version, offers you the following:

  • Up to 99 sea-distance calculations per day
  • Fully customisable routing by allowing you to add any waypoint on the map
  • The most complete global database with over 30,000 sea and river ports and terminals
  • Rhumbline and Great-circle navigation method options
  • Selectable piracy avoidance area
  • Voyage estimation module
  • My data module for saving your estimations and your vessels’ details
  • Daily updated Bunker prices for 100 ports worldwide & real-time energy commodities’ prices
  • Global and local marine weather data, updated every six hours

Seametrix+ version offers all features of Seametrix ®, plus a unique Market Analysis module, made by Certified Financial Technicians with:

  • Technical Analysis reports of all major shipping related assets
  • On chart Mathematical models and sequences
  • Baltic Dry Index-BDI technical analysis reports
  • Custom shipping related indices reports
  • Transportation statistical charts
  • Intermarket Analysis charts
  • On chart Cyclic models
  • Seasonality Charts for selected commodities and assets

VAT charges depend on which country you reside in, as well as on whether you are purchasing Seametrix as an individual or as a company.
Simply put, and as per relevant EU directives the following apply:

  • If purchasing as an EU based person, you are being charged with the VAT rate of your country
  • If purchasing as an EU company, you are NOT charged any VAT (reverse charge system-0%)
  • Non-EU based companies, and non-EU based individuals, are NOT paying any VAT

Seametrix accepts all major credit and debit cards.  i.e VISA, MasterCard, Diners, JCB, Maestro and Discover, as well as direct bank transfers.


Seametrix is a software that runs on Microsoft Windows based PCs, with internet connection. The minimum system requirements are:

  • Operating sytem: Windows 7 / 8 / 10/ Windows server 2008+
  • Updated Windows with Microsoft .NET 4.5 or higher
  • Minimum screen-display resolution: 1366×768
  • Minimum recommended RAM memory: + 4 GB
  • Available Hard Disc Space: + 2 GB

Yes, it is perfectly safe. This is the standard procedure when you’re installing a new software on your PC or laptop.

You can access Seametrix from wherever you are. The only limitation is that there is a 45 minutes’ delay between log-ins from different devices, for security and abuse prevention reasons.

During the trial period, we provide you with auto-generated credentials to access your account.
When you subscribe to the Seametrix® standard version or the Seametrix+ version, you will again get auto-generated credentials, but you are free to change them at any time.

Seametrix credentials can be viewed and altered through your Seametrix web account. Log in to your web account, and under License details, click on the round icon with the password key on the right, next to each product's "day's left" column. From there, you will  be able to change your Seametrix credentials with your desired ones.


Apart from writing the first letters of the port name in the respective field and choosing from the drop-down list, you can also right-click on any port on the map and that port will instantly be added in your itinerary. Also, you can left-click on the port and then choose to insert it.
Please note that suggest results are visible once you type the fourth letter for each port, so is a port has total three letters (like Fos or Bar), please hit the space button once you enter the third letter, in order to see and choose the port.

Not all ports are shown on the map. If your desired port is not visible, just start typing its name and select it from the drop-down list.

You can insert up to 10 sea ports and/or waypoints per calculation, thus make up to 9 distance calculations in one instance.

You just have to click on one of the buttons on top (add/insert/delete row etc.) and adjust your port sequence according to your preference.

If you type a port name in Seametrix and find out that it doesn't exist in our database, or if you wish to suggest an alternative port name, you are most welcome to make a relevant request by contacting us! After we confirm and cross-check your requirement, we will gladly add the suggested port as soon as possible!

Please feel free to send us an email with your requests and suggestions at

Yes. You can easily do that by using the buttons on the right panel to customise your routing, or by selecting the relevant routing parameters through the program's settings (by clicking on Seametrix logo). Through either, you can activate/deactivate sea passages, choose between Rhumbline or Great Circle navigation, and view any special areas involved in your calculation, such as JWLA, SECA areas etc.

Absolutely. Seametrix allows you to adjust your routing according to the piracy zone you wish to avoid during your ship’s voyage. You have a choice between 4 different piracy zones (near Somalia) to customise your routing; the sea distance and time results will be calculated accordingly.

Yes. Seametrix is the only port distance software, that offers a real choice between Rumbline (Loxodromic) and Great circle (Orthodromic) navigation methods. Our routing is calculated strictly based on the correct definition of each method. We have each navigation method calculated in different servers, with different data sets and algorithms, to make sure that we give you the most accurate results!

The Great Circle navigational method, allows you to choose any desired course change intervals! Also the Great Circle routing is cleverly using Rhumbline navigational method in closed seas, and Great Circle only on open seas and oceans where Great Circle is actually applied.

Read more on these navigation methods here:

Due to the difficulty and complexity of the routing in sea navigation, sea distance programs most of the times do not return actual results based on each method, whereas Seametrix has spent many resources on getting this feature alone correct!

Sure! Seametrix’s routing is fully customisable. Just right-click on any waypoint you want your route to go from/to/through, and Seametrix will return the relevant routing results as if your waypoint was a normal sea port.

You can choose between 6 different map skins and customise the route line's color, according to your preferences. To do that, click on the Settings (Seametrix logo button at the top left side) and choose the map tab from the Settings window.

Seametrix provides very detailed and accurate maps. They all work fast, however the local Seametrix map is the fastest, as it is saved on your PC during installation. The web maps are light in browsing too, however there may be a latency, due to the fact that they are served through the web.


Definitely. Seametrix voyage estimator can either accept your voyage's itinerary from the sea distances module, or alternatively add the ports along with adjusting your sea voyage's parameters strait within the voyage estimation, and run the estimation once you finish entering your voyage data.

Sure. Seametrix has a different module called (my data), so that users can enter all the essential ship details in order to calculate their voyages quickly and easily. Additionally there are three ship speed and consumption categories, so that while filling up your sea voyage estimation, being able to choose whether you wish to calculate your voyage with service, eco or full speed vessel consumptions.

Within the my data module, users of Seametrix® and Seametrix+, can save, edit, and view their saved voyage estimations at any time.

Yes. Within the Seametrix voyage estimation, you can see your routing’s involved ports marked according to whether they are located within a SECA area or not (red or green). If a SECA area, or port, is part of your routing, Seametrix will automatically take into account and estimate consumptions, based on low-sulphur bunker prices for the respective voyage leg or port stay.


They are updated every day. Based on the daily prices, we have included line charts for the last few months, so that you are able to notice how prices fluctuated over time, in a specific area and for different bunkers types.

Within the bunkers module, Seametrix also offers real-time prices, for all major energy related commodities.

We offer global and area weather maps. You can use the buttons at the right side of our Weather module to see global marine weather forecast for different time steps of your choice. If you want to see data regarding a specific port, right-click on the desired port, and choose to see Area map forecast.

No. You can make as many weather requests as you need.

Our weather data is updated every six hours.

Our Weather module’s marine weather forecasts, are based on the Global Forecast System (GFS) produced by the USA National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) and the USA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
You can find out more here:

You can also watch our videos section for more help!