Seametrix Download page

Please read the instructions below for downloading, installing and setting up Seametrix.


Operating System (32 or 64bit) Windows 7/8/10
Updated Windows with Microsoft .NET 4.5 or higher
Screen-Display Resolution
Minimum 1366 x 768
Recommended RAM Memory + 4 GB
Available Hard Disk Space
+ 2 GB

►  Seametrix is a Software that runs on Microsoft Windows based PC’s with internet connection
►  In the rare case your Windows 7 are not up to date and you don’t have Microsoft .Net 4.5-Framework or higher, please download the latest recommended release, from Microsoft’s website over here

seametrix download page

Press the download button to install Seametrix!

Register to get your free username and password and start using the application.


Once you download Seametrix, run the setup.exe file downloaded on your PC, and follow the installation instructions.

After installing Seametrix, run it and insert your Seametrix credentials. Your Seametrix credentials can be found on your web account and are different than your web credentials. Log in to and you will immediately see all Seametrix products linked to your account. For every product you have subscribed to, you can see the corresponding username and password for logging in Seametrix.

Web account users can alter the Seametrix credentials of their products as desired. If you have purchased a license for someone else, only you can change his/her Seametrix credentials, since you only have access to your purchased products through your profile.

For all users, trial credentials are auto-generated upon registration. They are sent to you by an immediate follow-up email once you register on and verify your email address.

Free trials are offering you up to 5 distance requests per day, plus access to our bunker prices module. The Seametrix standard-paid version, is offering you up to 100 distances per day, access to our voyage estimation module, access to your saved data and estimations with online synchronisation throughout any device, marine weather information, and bunker prices.


On your first use of Seametrix, you may be asked by your Firewall to allow Seametrix to communicate with the Internet and/or your network. Please press YES, otherwise Seametrix will not be able to connect to the Internet and log you in, nor obtain routing results and the Services you subscribed for. This is a necessary action for all Internet-based desktop applications.

If your PC has administrator restriction rights, it is recommended that you right-click and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR the Seametrix setup.exe on first installation. This is a common windows practice in such cases, for avoiding saving your updates and data in different Windows User folders.