Seametrix software updates v2.2.0.73

List of Seametrix updates Jan-Apr 2018

As part of our continuous efforts to provide you with the most complete and reliable sea routing and voyage estimation software, over the last few months, we launched various updates, which include performance improvements, minor bug fixes, and several new features; in more detail:

1. Updated Chinese SECA and local SECA regulations map view.
​2. Added High Risk Areas / BMP4 map view.
​3. Added VRA (Voluntary Reporting Areas) map view.
​4. Added INL (International Navigating Limits) map view.
​5. Added Nordic Plan navigating limits map view.
​6. Added Alaska COTP zones (Captain of the port) map view.
​7. Added the option to simultaneously work on multiple voyage estimations.
​​8. Added Laycan Terms, so that port idle days are pre-calculated as per L/C terms.
​9. Within our bunkers’ module, we added real-time tickers for FX currencies, main world Indices, agricultural and metals commodities, as well as shipping equities.
​10. Save your vessels’ details and voyage estimations on the cloud, and access them from​ any computer, anywhere.
​11. Added Print, Export as pdf and export as image functionalities.
12. Added distance measuring tools, for custom drawing your desired routes.
​13. Added more marine weather layers, such as:
– Wind Gust
– Sea Currents
– Sea Temperature
– Ice Thickness
– Significant wave height
– Primary wave height and direction
– Primary wave period
– Swell height and direction
– Swell period