BDI-Baltic Dry Index monthly seasonality

Seasonality of the Baltic Dry Index – Absolute Values

The below chart shows the monthly average statistical performance of the Baltic Dry index, over the last 31 years, i.e. since it was first introduced. 

This seasonality chart was created by Seametrix’s Financial Technicians team, for the Seametrix+ subscribers, and is released here as a sample of our Technical Analysis module and for reference and demonstration purposes. 

The Seasonality Chart is made by taking into account the statistical performance of the index for each month, and throughout all the past years. I.e. we took into account all 31 Januaries since the introduction of the index in 1985, and the result is an average drop of 247 points  for Januaries; and so on. 

Additionally for more accuracy and better understanding of the circularity and seasonality, Seametrix+ contains weekly, monthly,  annual seasonality charts with absolute as well as with mean and percentage statistical changes.

* Seametirx+ offers regularly updated technical analysis reports for all of the Baltic’s indices, for shipping related commodities, main currency pairs, selected shipping stocks and for main stock indices such as the SP500 etc.